PowerWatch 2 Campaign Update

Just a few years ago the above question would have raised some eyebrows. It maybe even would have ignited a few debates on whether eternal battery life was a scientific possibility. With the launch of the original PowerWatch back in 2017, we were able to prove this dream to reality.

This year, we were able to break an even bigger record with the introduction of PowerWatch 2. We were humbled once again by all the support of our backers as well as the press. Thank you, we are grateful for every share, mention, and contribution!

To express our gratitude to our Indiegogo backers, we have decided to take our campaign a step further with one final push.  If we reach the $2.2M mark by the end of the campaign on March 7th, midnight PST, every PowerWatch 2 will ship with sapphire glass. 

Our backer enthusiasm for this goal has been vocal and we are counting on your continued support to help spread the word during the final days of the campaign.  

The MATRIX PowerWatch 2 is the most powerful smartwatch that you never have to charge.  It is designed with MATRIX’s most advanced thermoelectric and solar technology to convert your body heat and ambient light to power itself. 

The PowerWatch 2 comes with all-new features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS location tracking, and a full-color display

With 48 hours left there is still time to get your PowerWatch 2 at our special Indiegogo pricing. We encourage you to also share our campaign with friends and family before the pricing goes up for good. 

In the words of our CEO, Akram Boukai, "We’d be thrilled to have you on this journey so we can harvest the world’s wasted energy together.”