PowerWatch X and Delivery Update!

Dear Backers and Early Supporters,

We have nearly completed all deliveries of the PowerWatch and BlackOps. If you still haven’t received your watch, you should expect it in a few days to a few weeks. We thank you for your patience, as the two-week Chinese New Year delayed us more than expected.

We are pleased to let you know that next week, we will start a run of 300 pieces of PowerWatch X! We will be using most of these watches for reliability and certification tests, and we will set aside a small number for our beta testers to try. These tests include environmental chamber testing, vibration testing, and drop tests, as well as regulatory tests for safety and standards compliance. We expect the testing to go pretty smoothly since we have already gone through it once for PowerWatch. Once the tests are complete we will begin larger quantities of PowerWatch X production. We are still on target for initial deliveries to begin in April and ramp up in May.

Above is a sneak peek at the PowerWatch X packaging!

As always, thanks for your support.

-- Team Matrix