PowerWatch X shipping update - Sep 17, 2018

Hello everyone,

This is our latest update on the shipping of PowerWatch X.

Shipping continues as planned. Last week we shipped out a total of more than 1,000 watches.

Roughly 2,000 units have just joined our inventory, and our team is committed to getting them all shipped out this coming week. As we send out the watches, we will notify you of the tracking numbers, so do keep watching your email from us (and make sure to check your spam folder in case it was diverted to spam).

If you made the order through our website (www.powerwatch.com) and haven't received your watch yet, don't worry. We are trying to expedite these orders as well to make sure all of them will be fulfilled within a few weeks.

Again, watches will soon be arriving and thank you for your support of the PowerWatch X. Feel free to email us with any questions at: support@matrixindustries.com and we will get back to you!

Thank you,